Adamantium v5 Tech Info

In preparation of the hard fork, you can find all the required information in this article. If you have more questions, please ask them in the Stellite Telegram or Discord. If you are a miner and want to min-max your mining returns, please read the mining tips for the v5 fork, published on Januar 8.

You can find the fork announcement also on Medium.

Do I have to update my wallet?

Yes, you have to update your wallet. You can find the new GUI wallet here and the new CLI wallet here. The default setting is ‘local node’. If you want to use a remote node:, or (all on 20189 port)


Do I have to update my mining software?

Yes, you have to update your mining software. XTL-stak will support the Stellite team with 5% of your hashrate. You can also use SRBminer, xmrigcc. Other devs will follow up soon hopefully. Click here to check out the in-depth mining tips.


  Can I leave my XTL on TradeOgre or Crex24?

 Yes, you can leave your coins on the exchanges. No action required.


  Will the Crex24 wallet come back online after the fork?

 Yes, after implementing the new code, the Crex24 wallet will be online again. Sorry for the inconvenience so far!


  Will v5 fix the transaction limit / failed transactions issue?

 Yes, v5 should fix all transaction issues.


Happy fork & thanks to all of you for supporting the project!



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