V5 Testnet for public is now available  

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Hello @everyone,

We’ve been working on the V5 upgrade for quite some time now, it’s ready for public testing and you can use the binaries below for windows and linux.

https://transfer.stellite.live/QXO61/V5SR_Testnet.zip -> Windows
https://transfer.stellite.live/3aLF0/bin_V5SR_Mainnet_forkv2.zip -> Linux

We’ve tested private networks intensively and most of our tests have went well. Now we need your help to see this test through. The explorer is available at https://testexplorer.stellite.cash

It’s a test fork of mainnet which forks at block 429900, difficulty resets on that network to around 1Kh/s.
You can use your main net wallet and it’s wallet balance on this network for testing it WILL NOT affect the actual mainnet balance.

The data folder is in .bitstellite instead of .stellite and you can test transactions as well which will help us a lot since the new transactions will be bulletproof instead of just regular ring signatures


for info on the discord


Posted : 23/11/2018 8:41 pm
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