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Why do we ask for donations?

Stellite is a community driven open-source project. ICOs that raised huge amounts of money before starting to work on a product have caused exchanges listing fees to sky rocket. Stellite with a pre-mide of only 0.6% won’t be able to pay those huge listing fees without help of the project’s community!

So why didn’t Stellite just choose a bigger pre-mine or an ICO launch to support the project? What are the benefits of a progress-based project with a tiny pre-mine?

  • It’s the safest and most solid way to progress. You can see developers running away with the pre-mine or projects misusing their ICO-raised money left and right in the crypto world. Keeping the pre-mine to a minimum, we can ensure a solid and effort-based growth.
  • Huge ICO launches and pre-mines not only raise moral questions but also create the situation that very inexperienced teams have access to large amounts of money basically over night. This heavily incentivizes the idea to create huge marketing / hype machines that end up not delivering what was promised.
  • Having a very low pre-mine means that everybody profits equally from the project’s growth. Developers, contributors, smaller and bigger investors – everybody benefits from progressing the project the same way.

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Donation addresses

Bitcoin: 1XTLY5LqdBXRW6hcHtnuMU7c68mAyW6qm

Stellite: Se3dRf8ZTUXKYivaTFU4KYczPcmMcwPZWEQ5HZmj3RRviFJ3w1mNhtgCWkn6VsnQcMBX1hyCUjZVuSo8X7yJTSYj1joP84WoT


Thank you for your support!