Monthly Update, Oct. 2018

This month we were developing a lot behind the scenes for the future but there are still a few things that happened.


StellitePay Beta 1.1

Sending xtl to external wallets

We enabled the sending of xtl to external wallets to test a few upcoming features.


The users are still sending feedback via the feedback section which is really helpful for understanding the concerns of the users. We highly encourage you to send us feedback.

Anonymous transactions

We also enabled anonymous transactions for users who don’t want to share their username.

*2FA, dark mode and anonymous sending were one of the highly suggested additions we want to implement.


Community Portal

In the beginning of October we opened the beta version of the community platform where everyone can reach out to the community for questions, wisdom, information and discussions.

What you can find on the community platform?

  • Stellite-relevant news
  • Monthly updates
  • Community votes
  • Tech support
  • Interviews/Q&A’s

Please register your account to join the discussion and cast your vote in the monthly poll. If you have suggestions, ideas or want to create a Stellite community for your own country, just reach out to us!


Foundation Interview

We released an interview with one of our developers Erwin Beij. The article is about the process of getting a legal status We also elaborate what kind of benefits the foundation status can provide.

You can read the whole article here:


Mobile Miner

As you know we are internally testing the mobile miner. We recently tweeted the current alpha of our mobile miner to get your opinion on the mobile/desktop miner design correlation.

We want to thank you for all the helpful feedback.


V5 Development

The V5 development is still in progress and we are fixing the last bugs before public testing. This is one of the “boring” parts of development for the public because no one sees the changes except those who are stalking our GitHub Repository.

Thank you for the great support & happy birthday to the bitcoin whitepaper :birthday:



Author: AJAWs

Community and Marketing for Stellite | StellitePay: [email protected]

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