New Donation Module has a new dynamic donation page. As recently announcened, the devs decided against a governance fee for the time being. Not having a mandatory fee has obvious benefits, especially regarding decentralization. We hope and are confident that the community can support the project financially even better than a governance fee could. Other platforms like Twitch have proven that it’s possible to support a project, company or freelancer entirely through donations as long as the product is solid and the donation process is easy and satisfying.

For the start, we introduce a new donation module which has a couple cool features:


  1. Multi-step donation system: First, donations will be used to cover the essentials like server costs (currecntly 0.125 BTC). After that, new donation goals will be unlocked: Hardware, events, exchange listing fees etc.
  2. Automatic conversion system: Donations can be made in BTC and XTL. All donations will automatically be calculated in BTC and added to the total donation amount as soon as they get confirmed in the donation wallet.
  3. Donation history: Every donation will show up in the donation history (shown as ‘Recent donations’).
  4. Powered by StellitePay: As you can see in the bottom right, the new module has StellitePay integration. This means that every donation that is processed via StellitePay will instantly be added to the total amount and show up in the donation history. Every donation via StellitePay will have a fee of only 1 XTL (this might change later on).


We already received a lot of help & support from the community and we’re very grateful for that. For the sake of independence and decentralization we would love to see this donation / support model succeeding. If you like the work and progress of the project so far, please consider donating!




Author: AJAWs

Community and Marketing for Stellite | StellitePay: [email protected]

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