New Stellite Website

As part of the rebranding, Stellite is coming around with a brand new website. We are aiming for a clear design fitting our other rebrands like the mobile miner, GUI miner and wallet.

To be more transparent, the roadmap was switched with insights into the current status of the development. This way we can also ensure that each developer has enough time to meet our quality standards.

The team section was removed. The team section was removed. Some of the developers want to remain anonymous and we respect their wish. Those who are interested in the team and community structure can see it in the current discord structure.

We will gradually add more widgets and expand the site to keep up with the project’s new developments. Please give us feedback in Telegram, Discord or the feedback forum!



Author: AJAWs

Community and Marketing for Stellite | StellitePay: [email protected]

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