StellitePay Early Access

It’s time! Stellite developer Philip will send out 15 beta keys for the early access of the instant payment tool StellitePay. All 15 keys will be distributed to followers of Philip’s YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy your early sneak preview, you belong to one of the first SP users! Please remember that this is still a beta version, so only deposit as many XTL as you can afford to lose!



We will create a Discord channel with all beta key recipients to ensure that you guys have enough people to test all functionality with. Don’t forget to send us feedback & enjoy your first moments with StellitePay!

If you are not one of the chosen ones, please have a little more patience! It won’t be long until the open beta phase starts…


Author: AJAWs

Community and Marketing for Stellite | StellitePay: [email protected]

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